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              Vcut machine operation flow
              Data: 2012/8/6      Hit: 7190

              1. Before starting the machine on, make sure the cutter, nut and screws are tightly firm, these tools must be tightened on time if any loosen problem found.
              2. Mind the direction of cutting when installing the cutter, no reversing.
              3. Main cutter is in clockwise.
              4. Before V cutting, pneumatic device must be on and keep work piece tighten on the worktable and close to the positioning plate, hands out cutters.
              5. Any problem with the machine, immediately cut off the power to stop operations and put into repair asap, the machine is not allowed to run with any problem.
              6. Before cutting, make sure there are no any pitons or sand particles on the cutter to keep people from being hurt when cutters working..
              7. The power must be off when the machine cleaned, lubricated or cutter changed.
              8. The machine can only be operated, adjusted and maintained by designated professionals.
              9. Workers should wear ear plug and goggle when operating..
              10. The maintenance of the machine should be in accordance with 《Equipment operation, maintenance system》.

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