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              V cut machine characteristic
              Data: 2012/8/6      Hit: 7373
              1, exclusive patent: the country's first, to fill the gaps in the market, the demand is broad, has the absolute advantage of the absolute market;
              2, a wide range of applications: to adapt to the different material of wall body such as brick, sand bricks, hollow bricks, aerated brick, cement wall, wall column;
              3, easy operation, simple operation, one person can easily operate, the mother machine is convenient to move, stopping to rest, just turn off the power, the body does not need to be, still safe hanging on the wall, not the fall, more worry and effort.
              4, one molding: fast automatic cutting a groove, without any auxiliary tools and second processes, cutting depth arbitrary control;
              5, free rotation: a different angle adjustable, beautiful shape, with the required line, 45 degrees, 180 degrees, 360 degrees rotation can be slotted, with ease.
              6, high efficiency ratio: cut a slot in one step, and the traditional way to play the efficiency ratio of 50:1, greatly reduce the labor, time and other construction costs;
              7, tool wear: the strength of the alloy knife head, repeatedly polished use 40 times, cutting cost is only 1-3 cents / m, simple disassembly;
              8, health and environmental protection: cutting dust for granular, low speed no dust, cut off the dust of the smaller, less pollution, to minimize the dust on the construction and installation of personnel damage, more human care;
              9, easy to use: the structure is simple and practical, without the need for professional demolition, polishing, maintenance.
              10, goggles, random packing machine tool, the motorcycle can carry easily.
              11, outside the protective box, professional, storage capacity of more reasonable and more convenient.
              12, anti - lock button is more suitable for human body structure.
              13, depth adjustment of the depth of the guide wheel can be adjusted

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