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              The problem and sulution for edge grinding machine
              Data: 2014/6/26      Hit: 7218

              1. Edge grinding blades.
              As consumables, edge grinding blades has relatively high rate of obstruction. In this case, blade edges will miss and the problem of bad edge grinding effect, plate edges misfit, plate edges rough and peeling might be caused.
              Solution: Blade grinding;; Blade exchange.
              2. Bearing.
              The bearings are easily damaged parts due to its efficacy lost which caused by dust particles getting inside of bearings and the hardening results from mixed lubricate oil and dust during continuous process. The problems are mainly embodied as noisy and drag growth.
              Solution: Bearing exchange
              3. Chain and chain wheel.
                 Chain and chain wheel are important parts for power transmission. Their will be abrasion with chain and chain wheel after being used for a certain long time, by which load noisy, chain abocculusion and drag growth might be caused.
                 Solution: Chain adjustment; chain tightener reduction.
              4. Synchronous belt. / Timing belt
              As a consumer part, synchronous belt has high rate of obstruction which are embodied as belt surface and edge wearing.
              Solution: Synchronous belt exchange.
              5. Rubber shaft and rubber covered wheel.
              Rubber shaft and rubber covered wheel are of low obstructive rate. Exchange it when any problem come up.

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