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              Dongguan XinYao Machinery Co.,Ltd

              Contact: Mr Liao
              Phone: +86-15812813611
              Tel: +86-0769-81505183

              QQ: 305808446

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              Name:Burr removal machine Hit:4791

              Burr removal machine
              Product Description:

              Xinyao Burr removal machine, a semi-automatic grinding machine for single boards to be deburred after drilling. Dry grinding plate, remove dust and cool by air. Sand belt for  leveling copper wire and protrusion to reduce scraches between boards. Removal burr machine, a semi-automatic grinding machine for single board deburring after drilled. Dry grinding plate, remove dust and cool by air. The sand belt remove copper wire and rub protrusion down, in order to avoid broad scrap. This machine can be easily availed at economical price range in the market.

              .service for longer time without any hassle
              .High operational fluency
              .Free maintence
              .Reliablity in function 
              Apply: Surface leveling after drilling.
              Machine size (L*W*H)                            1480x1100x1000mm
              Net weight                                              250kg
              Transmission speed                                2-12m/min
              Rotation speed of saw blade                  4000r/min
              Work power supply                                 3ph AC220V, 50Hz, 30A
              Production size                                       Max 620*650mm 
                                                                             Min 300*300mm

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              Tel: +86-0769-81505183 (Mr. Liao)  Fax: +86-0769-82387366  Web: www.srcrecords.net             粵ICP備16101055號
              Address: No.5 Maoshandong road, Xiagang village, Changan town, Dongguan city, Guangdong province, China.

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